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Yesterday was one of the most exciting days in recent sports history. Here’s why:

  • Landon Donovan scored the winning goal in extra time (91st minute) to allow USA to not only advance to the knockout round, but to also take first place in the group.
  • Mahut vs. Isner at Wimbledon became the longest tennis match in history, and it still isn’t over. As I’m writing this, the match is in the fifth set entering the twelfth hour of play.
  • The Marlins ownership made the controversial decision to fire their manager.

Since this is a business-related blog, one might be wondering why I would bring these things up in a post.

First of all and most importantly, sports speak universally. With the World Cup, it’s obvious that the games are more than a passion and a game to countries around the world. It’s more like a lifestyle. No matter the results of the matches, you can see that nothing else matters except for the love of the game.

Think about USA and what the last-minute win meant to you yesterday. Didn’t you feel so much pride for your country? Didn’t you feel united with all of the other Americans announcing their excitement? Didn’t you feel like it was a much needed feeling?

We all have to remember that no matter how individualized we make our own lives, we are in this world together. While we’re all different, we must remember that we’re also all the same. We’re human beings that thrive off of the love and support of each other to make all of our dreams come true.

So, why is this posted on a business blog? Because this is exactly how I feel about entrepreneurship and what is needed for the turnaround of the economy.

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