I Passionately Usher In...

Generational Transformation

By building technology and bringing to market startups that make the world a better place for my children.

Brands That I've Helped To Build

Let's build a better future. Together.

Everything I do is in service of our children. It’s in service of those that hope for a better life, and better systems to function within.

We're Slowly Changing the World

Examples of Generational Transformations

Real change requires consistency and patience.

Every individual has been equipped with the power to make a material impact on the world. The most important decision one can make is whether to act in service of others or to solely focus on the good of the self.

Logan Lenz

Optimistic Contrarian

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I write about technology, altruism, and the future of work. There is plenty more to come.

Let's pave the way for true transformation.

I encourage you to join me in observing, and promoting, all the incredible progress we’re making with technology and more efficient systems.

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