I Passionately Usher In...

Generational Transformation

By building technology and bringing to market startups that make the world a better place for my children.

Brands That I've Helped To Build

Let's build a better future. Together.

Everything I do is in service of our children. It’s in service of those that hope for a better life, and better systems to function within.

We're Slowly Changing the World

Examples of Generational Transformations


Blockchains have the potential to revolutionize trust and transparency in digital transactions, paving the way for a more secure, efficient, and equitable society for the next generation by enabling decentralized systems that reduce fraud, enhance privacy, and democratize access to financial services and information.


Artificial intelligence has the capacity to dramatically enhance society for the next generation by optimizing complex systems, accelerating scientific discoveries, personalizing education, and augmenting human capabilities in ways that could lead to unprecedented advancements in healthcare, environmental sustainability, and overall quality of life.


A more equitable, efficient, and technologically advanced healthcare system can significantly improve society for the next generation by ensuring universal access to quality care, reducing health disparities, preventing and treating diseases more effectively, and ultimately leading to a healthier, more productive population with increased longevity and improved quality of life.

Future of Work

Enhancing productivity and refining capitalist systems can potentially improve society for the next generation by fostering innovation, creating more efficient resource allocation, generating sustainable economic growth, and providing opportunities for individuals to achieve financial stability and upward mobility, ultimately leading to a more prosperous and dynamic global economy.

Energy / Compute

Low energy costs can significantly improve society for the next generation by making sustainable technologies more accessible, reducing the financial burden on households and businesses, stimulating economic growth, and enabling greater investment in education, healthcare, and infrastructure, ultimately leading to a higher standard of living and increased opportunities for all.


Technology-driven art and entertainment can enrich society for the next generation by fostering unprecedented creativity, enabling immersive and interactive experiences, democratizing content creation and distribution, and bridging cultural divides through innovative mediums like virtual reality, AI-generated art, and global digital platforms, ultimately leading to more diverse, accessible, and thought-provoking forms of cultural expression.

Real change requires consistency and patience.

Every individual has been equipped with the power to make a material impact on the world. The most important decision one can make is whether to act in service of others or to solely focus on the good of the self.

Logan Lenz

Optimistic Contrarian

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