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Measuring Personal Feats

2021 was another productive year for me. From all quantifiable perspectives, it was the most productive ever.

Here are some highlights:

  • Over 1,500 hours spent outside
  • 48 family hikes
  • Dozens of family trips
  • 121 books read
  • 107 films observed
  • Hundreds of songs crafted
  • 300,000 words written as content
  • Hundreds of poems written
  • Invested in over 50 startups
  • Applied Effective Altruism and took the Earn To Give pledge
  • Planted over 50,000 trees
  • Donated resources and materials to over 100 classrooms
  • Launched projects that accelerated decentralization
  • Launched what will become my life’s work (more to come on this soon)

What did you accomplish in 2021?

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