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Guest Post: Selecting an Office Space

It’s Monday. And that means that we have a great guest post from Debarup Mukherjee.

This topic hits close to home because myself and Endagon went through a hellish period of time searching for the right office space and tolerating a beautiful space that wasn’t right for our company at the time. However, we learned from our mistakes and hopefully Debarup’s article will teach you a thing or two if you are ever in the market for a space for your business.

The concept of office design has changed substantially over the years with the increasing use of high end communication devices and gadgets. You will hardly find an office space that does not make use of computers, laptops, flat screen monitors, phones, faxes and copiers and conferencing facilities.

When it comes to an online business, people usually prefer to start it from their own premises. It is only when the business has gathered momentum that they might consider renting an office space, especially when they have an ever increasing number of employees on board.

Office space comes at a substantial price, more so if these are in close proximity to the prime locations in the city. It is necessary to have an office or a brick and mortar store for your business. A proper office is required where the entrepreneur can interact with clients, conduct meetings and maintain business operations.

There are certain facts that might go unnoticed when you are operating a business. As an entrepreneur you would definitely not want your office to be cluttered and stacked with files scattered all over the place, nonfunctional equipments and missing documents. You need to evaluate the kind of equipments that you are going to need for your business.

Modern businesses are characterized by the increasing use of equipments. Some of the basic equipments that are absolutely necessary include copiers, printers and shredding machines. It is important to assess the kind of space that you would need to set up your office. If you do not have an office of your own, you can rent a space at a business center for business operations.

If you are a resident of Dublin and looking for office space in Dublin, then you need to look for a space that offers all the necessary facilities and has the necessary infrastructure.

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