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Endagon Is Hiring!

Endagon continues to expand everyday. I could have never dreamt of such a rapid growth rate. It’s both exciting and scary at the same time.

While I will continue to love and cherish all of my personal one-on-one relationships with our team members, sometimes the intimacy must be compromised by the necessity of having a bigger family. If it works for the Duggars, why can’t it work for a small web company?

I am opening up my arms to new family members that possess certain skills. Below, I have listed the positions we are looking to fulfill:

  • Designers: I am trying to be very specific with the criteria for this position. We already have an amazing team of graphic and web designers so I am looking for something specialized here. For any designers hoping to fill this position and join our team, I strongly encourage you to check out a site like Vimeo.com. We are looking for cartoon designers that can create incredible backgrounds and communities in a cartoon style of graphics.
  • Search Experts: Our search team has been swamped lately and we need to lighten their load asap. We are looking for anyone that has had some impressive success with their SEO efforts in the past and with a vast knowledge of Google Places/Maps for local businesses. Writing skills are a must as well.
  • Writers: We probably write more blog posts than the entire staff of Mashable does every week. We need to take our writing efforts to the next level by adding more literary minds to our staff. Blog writers need apply.

We’re pretty informal in the hiring process. Please do not send a resume. Just send an email stating why you’re awesome to jobs@endagon.com. Someone will respond to you asap.

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