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My Theses on the Digitization and Decentralization of Assets (and Crypto)

1) A user-owned Internet can be best constructed using blockchain technology.

2) Blockchain technology can and will rebuild inefficient systems around the world. There are ways blockchain initiatives can supplant themselves as foundations to nonexistent economies such as, but not limited to, education, legal, and financial in developing countries.

3) During a time when so many suffer financially, the pandemic plus the expiration of capitalism will create an opportunity for a shift of priorities that will allow crypto assets to more efficiently distribute income programs (UBI) to those that need it while transitioning the economy into the Knowledge Era. This will allow us to focus more on the survival of the human species.

4) The great “flippening” isn’t just a marketable term for Ethereum surpassing Bitcoin in market capitalization. It’s also a broad stroke way to completely invert wealth in our country (and the world). This is possible in lieu of the traditional generational inheritance model – whereas traditional wealth becomes outdated and the younger and more technologically-minded future leaders of the world get to leverage an unprecedented moment in capital creation.

5) As part of the creation of UBI and the shifting of wealth distribution, government programs can be governed by a tokenized blockchain that rewards the impoverished in productive ways. This reward can come along with pre-investment into the next “gold rush” which will most likely be regulated and dictated by the government before becoming the standard.

6) The government will maintain the crypto market in order to create more capital in the absence of actual intrinsic value. At some point in the near future, the US will digitize the entire dollar in a convergence with all “stable coins.” This will normalize and promote the most valuable crypto assets and enable the most crucial blockchain systems to claim their place in the new economy.

7) Defi will eventually overtake traditional banking. With all currency being digital, all banking will be able to take place virtually.

8) DAOs will be the structure of the future for “businesses.” With a new economy and set of priorities at the forefront, businesses will be graded on the value they generate for the planet and humanity as a whole.

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