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Why Should You Consider an Apprenticeship?

Let’s face it, landing a good job these days isn’t easy. Competition for the best roles is intense, and the thought of shelling out large sums of money to boost your qualifications might be enough to bring you out in a cold sweat. The good news is, there’s an alternative study route that can enhance your prospects of securing lucrative and rewarding work, and that won’t break the bank in the process. Apprenticeships are the savvy option for the modern jobseeker, and here’s why.

Get real industry insight

As you build up your knowledge and skills during an apprenticeship, you’ll get an insight into how your chosen industry really works. Unlike purely academic courses that focus on theoretical learning, these development programs offer you the chance to gain valuable experience as you work towards your certification. There are a host of different paths to choose from too. For example, if you’re keen to start a career in financial services, you can look for apprenticeship opportunities on the websites of specialist training schools like www.simplyacademy.com. Other routes include administration, business and management; animals, land and the environment; creative industries; computing and IT; food and drink, construction and building; tourism and many more besides.

Earn as your learn

Another key advantage of apprenticeships is the fact that rather than draining your finances, they allow you to earn a wage as you learn. Don’t expect to make a fortune when you’re completing your program, but you should be able to make ends meet. Also, as your skills progress, you may find that your employer increases your wages. Like other workers, you’ll also benefit from paid holidays.

Receive plenty of support

You can rest assured you’ll get plenty of support when you’re training too. If you ever have any questions about terminology, techniques or anything else related to your role or to the industry in general, you will be able to ask your manager. Bear in mind that it’s in your employer’s interests to make sure you excel in your training. After all, they will benefit from your efforts and abilities.

Look forward to good career prospects

Most importantly, once you finish your apprenticeship, you can look forward to good career prospects. You might be able to continue working and progressing in the same place, or you can look for a job with another organization. The important thing is, as well as vital knowledge and skills, you will have that all-important industry experience that so many students lack. This will put you at a competitive advantage when you’re searching for work. 

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