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But, I Don’t Want To Wait…

Odds are when you call your local XYZ provider for some technical support, you’re going to have to wait to be helped. It’s a fact that has become accepted by society over time.

It’s bad enough to have to key your way through a conversation with a hard-headed talking robot, but to hear that your approximate wait time is “10 minutes” at the end of it all is very unsettling.

But what can businesses do in these situations? They only have so many technical support representatives and agents to field the calls. The delays are inevitable.

So, the question instead becomes – how can a business improve the waiting experience for their customers?

This is where on hold marketing services are essential. While the customer is waiting, capitalize on that wait time to pitch another product or inform them of a random fact they might not know about.

… and when the significant other is waiting for his/her gf/bf to pick out clothes inside a store, the same thing applies there. Businesses need to be using in store marketing to transmit any special messages they want to push out to their customers.

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