There are so many hot sauces to choose from. The ones you choose or don’t choose, depend directly on a previously determined set of biases and expectations.

If you know you already like hot sauce, you navigate your options based on your palate. This narrows your focus and hones in on certain flavors and heat levels immediately.

If you don’t like hot sauce at all, you acknowledge the marketing above anything else. Whatever is on the bottle is what you’ll connect to most regardless of whether you’d ever actually consume the product.

If you absolutely LOVE hot sauce, your fascination is in the discovery process. You want to be the one to recommend the sauces you find to your network. You have no fear and, if we’re honest, are probably the type of person to buy prank sauces for your friends.

When you paint the entire picture, you realize the industry isn’t that saturated at all. No matter how many sauces exist, there can be a market for them. It’s connecting great marketing with the quality of the product that always creates the winning recipe.