Rather than making a list of resolutions each year, I like to revisit my personal theses and ensure I’m aligning my actions with my observations.

And since I am constantly doing that, I don’t make resolutions. I like to recognize themes and categorize my desired outcomes with 3 simple words.


I never want to distract myself from the heart of an impactful movement. While many look at Bitcoin, defi, and Web3, I anchor myself to decentralization as a whole. Since I firmly believe the world can be improved upon by redistributing power and control to individuals, decentralization is something I’m constantly amplifying and pushing forward.

We’ve seen the financial industry build this narrative in recent years, and now we’re beginning to witness what this could mean for other industries.

Whether it’s the future of DAOs, user-owned data, or the wealth and value being created through protocols, a lot of systems are about to change. You might not see it yet, but I do. You might not feel it for another several years, but that’s the point of the movement.


As more and more people lose trust in their surroundings, there will be less reliance on convenience over time. What’s most convenient today (cheaper / faster / easier) will not scale well against a diminishing axis of trust.

This means we could lose confidence in our fast food chains that are not only not as fast, but too often messing up our orders. This means we might not let the local plumber tell us how much he needs to look at our pipes.

The result of these trends inevitably lead to higher levels of self-administration. This means stronger emphases on self-care, knowledge, and authentic connections (bonded around unbreakable trust).

I’d like to continue to emphasize my deep connection with myself.


I’ve never lost sight of the importance of universal compassion, but I usually position this word next to patience. For me, patience is my strongest asset and it allows me to see clearly and unbiasedly in front of me.

Most people must build their patience levels. The rungs on that ladder include self-awareness, confidence, and tolerance (in that order).

After a lengthy learning journey, we reach the summit of compassion.

To me, compassion looks like love and acceptance. It’s an unconditional love for those that reciprocate that feeling AND a love for all living things that CAN reciprocate that feeling in the future.

When you lead with compassion, you can guide others into a world of hope and optimism. It’s something we can all use more of right now.