When experiencing the present, you can’t be overwhelmed by mistakes from the past or an anxiety over what’s to come. We’re just there. Living the now.

Without a dedicated focus on a task, project, or goal, the mind will inevitably succumb to distractions. These distractions are thoughts. These thoughts are usually memories or fearful anticipations.

Mankind has found a sense of self lately after the rise of wellness activities like meditation and yoga. Even apps like Headspace have paved the way for mindfulness as a daily health practice.

While I fully encourage this regimen, living with extreme intent in each moment is an alternative, and often less arduous, path leading to the same outcome.

This heightened self-awareness allows us to pull the fire alarm, or hit the proverbial Stress Button, so that we can crawl back into our turtle shells and find ourselves again.

Stress must first be identified before it can be treated. Locate it, feel your way out of it, and let your purpose block the doorway after it’s gone.