Though business intelligence analytics have been available to the marketplace for a couple of decades, the ability to find and gather relevant and useful data has been a challenge for this growing segment of technology services. It’s critical that data visualizations are clear and concise, taking complex and detailed data and reporting it in a way that is meaningful to the end user.
The goal of BI is to help each person within a business have access to complex amounts of real time data that can be garnered to continuously improve the business. This means that process mining as an industry needs to focus on the usefulness of its data and analytics in making sure they measure data that is useful to the business. There are, today, over 100 process mining algorithms that can discover processes including:


●genetic process discovery techniques

●heuristic mining algorithms

●region based algorithms

●fuzzy mining algorithms

●and dozens more. . .

The six sigma quantitative approach has had varying degrees of success with the ability to improve business processes. Its major limitation involves the ability to gather relevant and accurate data and make it effective in business decision making. Process owners need to design processes which can achieve the objectives of the business owners, who design the goals and plans important to each industry. Business users can then be employed to carry out each process which will be able to meet the needs of the business. As more data is collected and analyzed concerning each business process, the process owners and business leaders are able to find out which ones are most effective and which need to be changed or adapted to current needs.

Important Business Intelligence Features

Combining ideas and techniques from many fields such as data mining, process modeling and process analysis makes BI more effective in today’s fast growing technology market. Finding a company that offers the ability to help a business analyze important data in great detail with a clear, user friendly interface is the challenge of most businesses in today’s economy. If you’re looking for a reliable company to provide tools to gather information and provide usable data visualizations that will help you take your business to the next level, here are some features to look for:

Collaborative Networking

With a good BI team and effective data collection and visualization, your users will be able to share and collaborate. This results in better final results because large amounts of accurate data are combined with the brain power of human beings working together. Decision results can be viewed by the entire group, showing where there are weaknesses and strengths in the design.

Easy to Use Mobile Apps

A good business intelligence company will provide easy to use apps and technology tools that make it simple for every user to have quick access to relevant data. This makes it possible for workers to solve unique problems with true and accurate data that are not possible to discover in any other way. The ease of use aspect of the analysis reports will make all the difference in whether or not the tools are used regularly to make a difference in the business.

Adaptability and Remixability

Since its impossible to determine what questions are most important to a business over time, the ability to change the way data is displayed is critical. When new questions arise, new charts, graphs and views will make it possible for collaborative work groups, departments and individuals to look at data in new ways to find the answers they need.

Continuous Improvement

With an effective program of data collection, analysis and relevancy, business discovery tools will help your company view data visualizations to help you form a culture of continuous improvement. Every user will be able to contribute to the transformation of your company as it evolves to compete in the fast growing marketplace and world economy.

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